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Mobile Internet in Croatia Part Two

I have been using the free Vipnet Mobile Broadband SIM in my phone for 10 days now and it’s been great! In all the years I have been going to Croatian seaside, I was newer able to use internet, so this is a nice change. There was just one tiny problem before I was able […]

Mobile Internet in Croatia

I will start with mobile internet in Croatia. I am writing this post on the beach in Punat, island Krk, on my Palm Treo 680, using Vipnet prepaid data only SIM card. I am staying here for 14 days plus I will return to Croatian coast for a couple of weekends or several days in […]

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet The Mobile Internet series of blogs is intended as comparison and advice about mobile internet access options and prices (using cellular networks) in Europe. Maintaining an Internet business implies having internet access wherever you are :). That’s easy at home or office, but if you are traveling and not staying at a hotel […]